Julie Rafalski

Rietveld's Chair

While at the MoMA a few weeks ago, I came across Gerrit Rietveld's mini wheelbarrow. It made me think of a contemporary artist who has quoted Rietveld's Red and Blue Chair (of 1917) in several of his pieces. The one that I thought of is called Rietveld Kindling, a piece by Ryan Gander.

It consists of a stack of components necessary to build a Rietveld chair that are stacked behind a gallery invigilator's chair.

I like the potentiality implicit in the piece. In it's unassembled state, it suggests the potential situation of actually building the chair. It also reminds me of something Stanislaw Lem once said about his books. He said that they are like instant coffee granules; the reader has to mix the ingredients up in his head.

I find artworks that leave something unfinished and require the viewer to connect the dots, fascinating.

So I finish this with a picture for you to "mix up in your head" with the rest of this post.

(Robert Morris - Scatter Piece, 1968)