Julie Rafalski

Residency in Joutsa - Day 10

My experience of memories suddenly appearing unbidden reminded me of scenes in the scifi novel Solaris. The dark sentient ocean of the planet Solaris probes into the psyches of the human scientist Kelvin who was sent to examine the planet. Instead, the planet retrieves items from each scientist's past and recreates them. Items from the past suddenly reappear, in flesh and blood: the scientist Kelvin sees before him his long dead wife, Hari, on the space station, living and breathing.

Memories reappear in a similar fashion- suddenly a whole past experience stands before you, in flesh and blood.

I wanted to see what happens if I juxtapose an image from my archive that has some resemblance to a place in my present, with that place.
The above photo-collage came about with these thoughts in mind.