Julie Rafalski


Ink-jet prints on wall
Approx 2 x 1.5 m

This site specific installation at the Reutlingen Museum in southern Germany is a
wall-sized collage, made of layered images. This work was created during a 3 day time period, during which viewers were allowed to see the work in progress. During this time period, the images were layered, making certain images visible briefly before being coverd up by subsequent layers of images. Certain areas of the collage were also photographed at this time and these photographs were then printed, cut out and pasted on subsequent layers.

Images in the collage are all taken from found postcards showing landscapes which are in the vicinity of Reutlingen. The postcards date from various time periods of the 20th century and were printed using different processes.

This wall-sized collage explores ideas of memory, archives and of the transience of the landscape. How many landscapes from the past were undocumented? How long does an image of a landscape from a particular time period last? Until the last photographic image of it disappears? Or until the death of the last person who still remembered it?