Julie Rafalski

Residency in Joutsa - Day 2

Today I took a walk in the local forest and discovered that there were wooden planks laid out that were to be used as paths. Certain areas under the planks were marshes, so these planks were a simple solution. They divided the forest into sections, through connecting looping lines.

I was drawn to these man-made structures used for navigation through an unknown territory. These makeshift abstract constructions could be easily disassembled. They lacked permanence. The wood might rot over the years and if not replaced, could be reclaimed by nature.

These paths were not built to last centuries, they were not racing to outlive their surroundings. As if acknowledging the passage of time and embracing it, they were beginning to disintegrate into splinters in certain areas.

These structures, through their very makeup, already held the seed of their disappearance inside them. The loops might one day be broken, the connections lost and paths making traveling impossible.