Julie Rafalski

Residency in Joutsa - Day 17

When looking at an image or an artifact from another time, the context of that image or object changes what you see. If you look at at image under fluorescent lights of the London underground or in the midday summer sun in Chicago or if you look at it while listening to the sound of rain, the image will change, sometimes minutely, sometimes drastically.

If you look at an image with the sound of rain, the sound changes you, in a sense (as you think of other rain memories) and you begin to see the image differently. The sound changes through the influence of the image too- the image will start to exert it's power on the sound.

Just as the present moment is changed by the act of looking at the image and sound, the image and sound and their influence on each other, in turn, change the present moment of perceiving. The present changes the image we look at and the image we look at changes the present- in a never ending loop.