Julie Rafalski

Residency in Börstingen - 6

I went to Rottenburg, a nearby colourful town whose history goes back to the Roman times. The old houses there, like many old houses elsewhere, are slightly crooked. Sometimes the walls don't align, a whole row of houses leans forward just a little too far, or a wall is visibly crooked. In other places, walls looked warped in different ways, almost as if they were made out of clay that was applied by hand.

These buildings were built that way, due to the existing technology and/or warped more over time. Parallel lines, strict perpendiculars, aligning surfaces, straight walls are not necessarily a given here. The houses seem to be living and breathing. They seem to be changing, as if continuously adapting to the different weathers, the shifting of building stones, the warping of wooden beams and the endless flow of time.