Julie Rafalski

Residency in Börstingen - 13

I went to the annual village festival in Börstingen, Germany at the end of July. Everyone -old and young- from the village and the neighbouring towns participated. There was music, food, beer. There was a sense that all the houses in the town were empty, with their lights switched off as everyone was at this festival. It seemed that the atmosphere was very old- one that could have been the same centuries ago.

Although it's an event that only lasts one night, it has been repeated throughout history so many times so as to become something with more weight and continuity with the past.

Perhaps the nearby hills can remember this or a similar festival from the Middle Ages? For them the Middle Ages were not that long ago.

On my way home there were stars- the whole milky way- transmitting light from different times in the more distant and more recent past.

Nearer the streetlights, the moths were flying in a all directions, making invisible shapes in the air, repeating shapes from former times and introducing shapes that will be repeated in later times.