Julie Rafalski


Many things can be folded: hand written letters, notes, newspapers, receipts, bed sheets, linens, towels, clothes, fabrics, curtains, tablecloths. It is a way of storing a page in an envelope, keeping written text hidden or preventing something from getting wrinkled too much. It's a way of taking care of a particular item that might otherwise get wrinkled, ripped, or read by the wrong eyes.

When something is folded, the whole of it is reduced to a smaller volume. The whole is invisible. It hides its true shape, its size and any text that might be written on it. A fragmented side is visible- whether a quarter of a note page, a third of a letter or a sixth of a table cloth.

Folded things are not in use. They are in a state of latency –as if sleeping– in a permanent state of waiting– waiting to be unfolded, unravelled, opened.