Julie Rafalski

Artist Statement

Julie Rafalski’s work explores the inter-relationship between place, memory and the passage of time. Her practice includes drawing, collage, installation and photography.

She often works with found images and re-examines these, re-contextualising them by adding another layer of meaning. Many of her collages use images that are sourced from art history books and encyclopedias and that document modernist artworks or architecture. She intervenes in these images in various ways, often by fragmenting the image, folding it, changing its scale, or playing with its display. Her collages constitute a remixing of material, forging new, playful connections and unexpected re-contextaulisations.

Rafalski’s pencil drawings show abstracted architectural structures that are based on places from personal memory. They are composed of blocks of flat colour and combine fragments from spaces such as old school buildings, sheds or previous homes. These architectural fragments are joined together to form playful labyrinth-like structures.

Her installations are made of architectural appendages that precariously inhabit a space. For these she uses fragile materials such as paper, inkjet prints or cellophane. Colour is used playfully and is often based on a modernist primary colour palette.